Reports and

custom visuals

Businesses generate overwhelming amounts of data, often hard to use to make effective strategic decisions.

After the initial collection, data is transformed into information and presented in a form of a report or dashboard. Data reporting helps to find inefficient business processes and hidden patterns, identify areas of strength and weakness, and discover new opportunities.

Optimal reporting aims to deliver relevant and accurate information to the right people with the goal of making decisions better and faster.

At NordOne we offer interactive and cross-platform reporting solutions based on Microsoft  business intelligence software stack: Power BI, Reporting Services and Excel.​

Periodic Reports

Periodic reports are used to present information in the same form at precise intervals: monthly, weekly or daily basis. They are automated; hence you will be able to distribute them to specific groups within your organization with no effort.

Time can be saved by having a report that can be easily exported to a presentation, facilitating performance monitoring over time.


Dashboards are a great technology when it comes to combining multiple data sources or organizing multiple chunks of data. Through the use of dashboards, we are able to help gaining a complete overview of your relevant business KPIs while delivering a user-friendly interface. You will be able to navigate throughout different business areas and easily extract a higher degree of information.

Custom visuals

Data visualizations allow us to reshape information and create value, hence it is of extreme importance to use the most appropriate ones. Default visualization options are not always able to satisfy our business needs, therefore we offer the opportunity of creating customized visuals to better illustrate your data.

Data-restricted reports

Most of the organizations have to work with highly sensitive data which should not be publicly exposed but only accessible to restricted groups within organization, as financial or HR related information.

For such scenarios we can offer reporting solutions developed using access control.