Data cleaning and preparation is one of the business intelligence activities that consumes a big portion of daily tasks. It is not uncommon to find ETL or reporting processes that are being maintained manually by some individuals. Such approach to BI solutions is not only extremely time consuming, but also prone to human errors.

An efficient BI solution must contain a fully automated ETL process together with scheduled distribution for reports and dashboards. Only minimal time effort should be allocated to maintenance and administration operations.

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By default Power BI offers a vast amount of data source connectors. Other than the most common ones like SQL Server, Excel and flat files, it also supports a constantly increasing list of third-party service connectors. In addition, it also provides options for implementing your own customized data connectors.


Larger scale BI solutions usually require an implementation of other data repository, separated from the reporting tool. Such solutions can rely on dedicated relational or analytical databases optimized for efficient data reporting.


Regardless of the scope of your BI project, we can help you in setting up and configuring fully automated data retrieval and storage for optimal data management.  

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ETL (extract, transform and load) implementation is a cornerstone of a successful BI solution.

It requires detailed planning and preparation to guarantee efficient business rules integration, high data quality and fast data flows.


Reporting tools like Power BI and Excel are already coming with an extensive list of data transformation options, which are usually enough for a project of small and medium scope.

Depending on the nature of your data sources, large-scale BI solutions would typically need to be built using an ETL platform, such as SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) or Azure Data Factory


We work with both on-premise and cloud-based data solutions and, depending on your business requirements, we can help you in implementing an efficient ETL solution. 

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Periodically distributed reports are a typical BI solution requirements. Automated distribution decreases time for manual tasks and guarantees that necessary information will reach recipients at the desired time.


Several aspects need to be considered before implementing reporting distribution, such as user roles, data visibility control and administration.


We can help your organization preparing and implementing automated report distribution, as Microsoft Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services offer flexible report distribution and sharing options.