Power BI


Power BI offers a large variety of possibilities when it comes to organizational reporting, but its different capabilities can be complicated to grasp.

That is why we designed workshops for those who are still unfamiliar with Microsoft Power BI and would like to get an overview on how this market-leading BI tool works.

The workshops are of different natures, depending on whether you are a developer or an end-user. We alternate presentations with exercises to help you absorb the information we give you.

Following, you can find the agendas.


for developers

These series of workshops are directed to people who have already a degree of familiarity with reporting tools and understand the organizational needs.

We will cover all basics of Power BI, explain DAX syntax and show you how to best share and distribute reports across your organization.

  • Connect to data sources

  • Transform data

  • Create a data model

  • Optimize your data model

  • DAX syntax

  • Create columns

  • Create measures

  • Create interactive visuals

  • Customize report theme

  • Share reports

  • Distribute reports

  • Protect your data

  • Create dashboards

  • Create applications

  • Embedding reports


for report creators

This second type of workshop is directed to people who mostly consume Power BI report, but do not interact with data infrastructure behind it.

We will cover the basics on:

  • Connect to existing datasets

  • Create interactive visuals

  • Use of hierarchies

  • Customize your reports

  • Filtering options

  • Share your reports

  • Work with dashboards

  • Access your reports

  • Create presentations

  • Export data

  • Analyze data in Excel