Performance optimization is a constant challenge across business intelligence activities. Smooth and responsive reporting solutions are key for providing best user experience.

It is very common to face performance bottlenecks in both daily ETL operations and front-end applications. A combination of multiple factors and data modeling practices must be incorporated in order to achieve time efficient results.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) i København

SQL Server Integration Services

Fast growing data amounts and increasing number of data management operations can be just few of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) performance issues. SSIS packages offer a vast amount of data source connection options, together with various data transformation capabilities. 


SSIS packages require attention in regards to data extraction, transformation and loading to achieve optimal performance for your data management tasks. 

We can help you review your existing SSIS packages, identify performance bottlenecks and offer you solutions for a more efficient workload.

 SQL TransactBusiness intelligence-rådgivning i København og Copenhagen

Transact SQL

If your ETL or reporting solutions are built on any of the Microsoft business intelligence platforms, there is high chance they rely on Transact SQL (T-SQL) queries. 

Optimization of T-SQL scripts can play a key role for improving slowly working ETL or reporting solutions. Data schema, constraints and other aspects of database set-up must be reviewed in order to come up with the most efficient T-SQL queries. 

We offer you support and optimization services towards optimizing your T-SQL queries.

Report Business intelligence-rådgivning consultancy i København og Copenhagen


Inefficient and slowly performing reports usually play a significant role in preventing businesses from timely and efficient decision making. When your reporting solution relies on Power BI, SSRS or Excel platforms, it is crucial to make sure that your users can analyze and explore data in the most efficient manner. 


Data sources, modeling platform, queries, computing resources and many more play a key role in presenting the most optimal reporting experience. Identifying data reporting bottlenecks and removing or replacing them with more efficient alternatives can drastically improve data flows and overall user experience. 

As part of our services, we are offering data modeling optimization to improve performance of your Power BI, SSRS or Excel reports.